Black days: il 3x2 di Terre Ostili

Black days: the 3x2 of Terre Hostiles

Black days: the 3x2 of Terre Hostiles

Also this year we have arrived at one of the long-awaited moments of the year for all model making, painting and board game enthusiasts.
BLACK FRIDAY is approaching and we couldn't help but participate in this great party.

This year we offer a particular 3x2!

Every 3 items purchased the least expensive of the 3 is discounted by 50%

This trivially translates to (for example):

If I buy 2 medium miniatures (the same or different) for €4.50 each and 1 large miniature for €6.80, I will spend €4.50 + €6.80 + €2.25 = €13.55.
This is because I pay half the cheapest.


So every 6 ITEMS 2 WILL BE AT 50%, every 9, 3 ITEMS AT 50% and so on!

Don't miss this fantastic and dark occasion 🖤

Promotion valid on all products excluding the following categories:

  • boxes / sets / bundles,
  • custom thumbnails