Tower details

Dice towers for 3D printed tabletop and role-playing games

Dice-rolling towers available for every class in Dungeons and Dragons (and many other fantasy RPGs). They're beautifully crafted to evoke the spirit of your class and are a great way to show your dedication to your favorite character.

*Removable tray included in the product although not visible in the photos

👉 "Why towers roll dice? Towers help prevent cheating and allow fate to do its job!
Towers also add another layer of stature to your game!
Each tower will include a removable tray to protect the tables from the fury of the metal dice.
Finally (our favourite) these dice towers will be the envy of friends and foes alike! "- Fates End.

📏 Style: 2 types

1. Dice Tower (drilled) :
Classic Dice Roll Tower designed to be used with a standard size die used for any RPG or tabletop game such as Dungeons and Dragons or Frostgrave. The dice towers are approximately 17-23cm tall depending on the design.

2.Decorative Tower: Standard size but no holes for dice use and has a "closed door" at the bottom to complete the building look.

🎨 Other colors are also available upon request. Message us if you would like it printed in a different colour.

📦 All templates are physical items that are printed to order and shipped to you. The dice tower will be shipped as a multi-part kit.

♺ Material information:
We use high quality PLA plastic to give you that durability and maximum clarity as well. PLA is a biodegradable plastic and is non-toxic. It is one of the most environmentally friendly filaments on the market. Our designs are printed on high quality PLA biodegradable filament. We print our miniatures and terrains in a standard resolution of 0.1mm - 1.6mm to give you the best clarity and best tabletop gaming experience.

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Not suitable for children. Not for sale to children under 10 years old.
Some parts may be very small and sharp.

Handle with care and attention.
Do not eat any component. Do not inhale any components.

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