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All our miniatures are sized taking the following general rule as a reference:

A MEDIUM-sized miniature of a human in a standing position measures 32mm from feet to eyes, NOT including BASE.

All other races are scaled proportionally following the Dungeons and Dragons RPG guideline.

Below is an explanatory image of some of the most famous races in the game universe:

chart-breeds-dnd-various heightsComparisons-races-humans-halfling-firbolg

  • For example, a MEDIUM-sized Halfling miniature is about 35-45% smaller than a MEDIUM-sized Human miniature.
  • Likewise , a MEDIUM-sized Firbolg miniature is about 25-30% larger than a MEDIUM-sized Human miniature.
  • The base of a MEDIUM size miniature will be at its largest 25.4mm in diameter .


The sizes subsequent to the MEDIUM are nothing more than percentage increases of the immediately previous size (however respecting the differences in height of the breed as explained above).

Height scale humanoids


  • The miniature of a human size LARGE will be 60/65% bigger than the same miniature of MEDIUM size.
  • A HUGE human miniature will be 65/70% bigger than the same LARGE miniature.
  • A BIG size human miniature will be 45/55% bigger than the same HUGE size miniature.

Note: A LARGE Halfling miniature will therefore be slightly taller than a MEDIUM Human miniature.

🎨 For painting we recommend at least the size BIG 🎨

The bases of LARGE, HUGE and BIG miniatures follow the same principle of enlargement whereby:

  • LARGE SIDEBARS will be at the largest 50mm in diameter
  • HUGE sized BASES will be at largest 75mm in diameter
  • BIG-sized BASES will be at the largest 100mm in diameter.

📐 Tips for thumbnail sizes:
  • Medium approximately 30-35mm high, perfect for humanoids, characters, NPCs, elves, orcs... (round base 25.4mm diameter or slightly less)
  • Large approximately 55-65mm high, perfect for Ogres, Monstrous Creatures, Large Monsters, Huge Beasts... (round base up to 50mm diameter)
  • Huge approximately 85-110mm high, perfect for Giants, Epic Monsters, Epic Creatures, Dragons, Statues (round base up to 76mm diameter)
  • Mammoth approximately 125mm tall and up. Perfect for Colossal Monsters, Epic Giants, Ancient Dragons, Gargantuan Monsters. (round base up to 100mm diameter)