Hostile Lands TUTORIAL: Paint with Kiki's Miniatures Mania

It's time to unleash your brushes and put yourself to the test!

Let's paint together with kiki with Terre Ostili bust

This fantastic collaboration with Kiki's Miniatures Mania is born today!
For those who don't know her (we doubt it) Kiki is now an expert in the brush painting industry , with dozens of videos on youtube and live on Twitch on how to start and refine this fantastic hobby!

First of all we want to learn from the experts and for this reason we have organized a series of live shows where Kiki will paint some of our prints with you 💪

We will learn together how to paint excellent fantasy models for your board games or simply for display.

Meeting dates are listed below!
To follow the live shows, just connect to the following link on the scheduled day and time.


Don't despair if you can't be there! ✌️
The live shows are reloaded and you can follow them later.

Please be punctual and follow until the end!
Kiki has some very tempting surprises just for those following:

All who watch will be provided with a discount code valid for a few days only which will allow you to purchase the next model piece of the next live at 50% off !

This means that you will take home the miniature at an unrepeatable price which you can then paint together with Kiki in the next live 🤩

PS: see you live 🎉



Monday 4, Time: 10:30

Tuesday 5, Time: 10:30


Monday 14, Time: 10:30
Tuesday 15, Time: 10:30