Resin or Plastic? Let's find out together!

Miniatures or scenery made of plastic or resin.

As you have surely noticed, many scenics can be made with two types of materials:

  • Resin (Resin in the images) semi-flexible with high precision
  • Plastic (Pla in the pictures) ecological, hard and resistant.

Let's find out the differences together to better understand what to focus on during the experience on the site, given that everything is based on the final purpose of the 3D printed object.



  • Resin 3D prints represent the best solution for those interested in a very high level of detail . For this reason resin is used for all our miniatures and smaller objects .

  • Its intrinsic qualities (hardness and porosity) make it the material of excellence for painters and collectors.

  • All resin prints are supplied in their original matte gray color.
  • Plastic 3D prints represent the best solution for those interested in large and small objects, at a low cost, to fill a gaming table quickly and in the best possible way. In fact, at a glance the table will seem alive and the gaming experience will be superlative.
  • The high quality ecological and non-toxic plastic (derived from corn) we use makes the product hard but at the same time elastic . Although it is a less suitable material for painting due to the less sharp details and the external finish not exactly conducive to the purpose, the buildings and furnishings made of plastic last for years of play sessions .
  • Plastic prints are made trying to combine the color of the material with that of the model to be made, so objects (for example) wooden objects will be made (if possible) brown and stone objects (if possible) gray.

All of our miniatures are printed EXCLUSIVELY in resin for extreme definition and level of detail.
Almost all of our scenics, on the other hand, are molded in plastic (for some there is a choice).

Difference between plastic and resin 3D printing

In the image: example of miniature printed in resin (left) and plastic (right)